The Promise of Paradise

The realm of ME
This is the realm of self-images and all the stories about me, myself and others. Even though we can improve ourselves to get a more healthy, functional and happier me it usually ends up in the same old underlaying sense of lack and a continuation of the search for more, better and different.

The realm of I AM
This is the realm of awareness, the seeing and the being. This is the realm of all spiritual experiences, teachers and teachings. This is the realm of universal love, awakenings, fulfillment and wholeness. This is the opportunity to come home and when that happens the seeker and the seeking falls away because you recognize that you already are what you longed for.

The realm of NOT-KNOWING
This is natural state and liberation from both existence and non-existence. This is paradise before eating the fruit from the three of knowledge. It is not-knowing and nameless simplicity and nothing can be said about that.


Welcome to meetings in Truth!
We meet to explore the totality of the human experience and nothing is more holy or divine than anything else, all is welcome. It is a matter of love and trust, to let whatever unfolds to unfold in the light of Truth to see what falls away and what remains standing. No one is superior or telling you what to do but it is an invitation to explore your deepest longing and recognizing that which already is.

I live in Norway and please feel free to contact me if you would like to arrange a meeting where you live. There are also some upcoming meetings in Sweden and Norway during the spring 2018. I also do personal meetings, in real life and on Skype.
I speak Swedish and English. You are most welcome to contact me for more information!

Richard Krusell