Wake up!


My name is Richard and I have an offer for you that have a yearning to discover yourself at the deepest level.


One can say that there are three levels of ”me” that we can live from. The most superficial is the story of ourselves and that level is familiar to everyone. I’m so and so old, I’m married and have two kids and work with this and that. I may feel unsuccessful or successful and how I feel is all about what image I have of myself and the response from others. If you only know yourself at this level, you usually experience some kind of lack. There is something that gnaws and you never feel really satisfied or whole more than for short moments. Then the pursuit of happiness begins again.

At a deeper level, we perceive ourselves as timeless being and formless consciousness. When we come home fully here, the experience of lack disappears and we realize that we are the wholeness and love we sought throughout our lives. This homecoming is a huge liberation and at the same time we have never felt so alive and in touch with life. The search ceases and we feel amazing peace and satisfaction. This realization is usually called a spiritual awakening.

In essence, we are the infinite source of everything beyond life and death. This level is before the mind and nothing can be said about it but it recognizes itself as everything without being anything in it self.

All of these levels are found in all people at the same time and together we can explore what is what and you get support in coming home to that which is your deepest longing at the moment. I offer personal coaching within spiritual awakening and speak both Swedish and English. Book a free test call below or read more about me and my work at this website.

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