Nukunu is the teacher that ment most to me and I was his student and assistent under some crucial years. Nukunu was born in Denmark in 1947. He holds a Bachelor in Philosophy and a Master in Psychology. He has worked as a psychotherapist and given lectures on Gestalt, psychodrama, primal therapy, NLP and meditation for 30 years. Over that period of time he was a student of living teachers like Osho Rajneesh, Punjaji and and the teachers in Sacha Lineage tradition. After a radical awakening experience in March 1995 his work gradually changed and became focused on transmitting the non-dual. This work is the most important in his Satsangs, courses and meditation retreats. You find more information at his homepage: http://nukunu.net/



Even though I never met Adyashanti he has been a companion throughout the greater part of my spiritual search and the maturing after awakening. He is one of the few teachers that really speaks about life after awakening. He is the author of several books and there are many videos with him on Youtube. Adyashanti has a resourceful homepage with a lot to read, watch and listen to: http://www.adyashanti.org/



Paul Hurcomb helped me to be more clear. He was a devoted buddhist for many years in his youth before he had an awakening to pure presence after he had been seriously ill.  He became a student to Mooji who showed him that even the state of Presence, which is the most sacred feeling in the body, is not the ‘final stop’. That it too arises within an unchanging background of Awareness. I really enjoy Paul’s humble simplicity, heart and wisdom. You find more about him and his meetings at: http://www.meetingsinstillness.com/